Volunteering Opportunities

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Volunteering Opportunities

Working closely with our partners, we offer our volunteers to work in a number of projects such as


1.    Health and well-being- Supporting the community to address key issues and concerns towards improving healthy living and development

2.    Advice, Information and Advocacy- Implementation of Anti Poverty strategy, which deals with most disadvantaged individuals through developing and expanding advice, information, counselling, advocacy, representation and signposting, services

3.    Youth Empowerment and Development and Education- Promoting positive pathways into inclusion in employment, education and entrepreneurship through innovative approaches and intervention.

4.    Women’s Empowerment and Development- Development and Implementation of a range of community involvement and empowerment strategies to increase women’s pride and individual self-confidence through improved skills, advice and personal development.

5.    Bangladeshi Community and Voluntary Sector Development- Establishment of an effective, sustainable and resourced Bangladeshi community and voluntary organisations that continues to work for the interest of people it serves.

Some of the key roles offered to our volunteers are;

1.    Adviser- To be at the front-line of Centre’s work. This involves interviewing clients, advising them on possible solutions to their problems and sometimes negotiating on their behalf.

2.    Social Policy Work- Get involved in the proactive work that the centre does: Identifying issues, carrying out research and creating reports to lobby for changes in internal and external policy.

3.    Administration- Assist in the day to day running of the projects i.e. performing essential tasks such as typing letters, arranging meetings, keeping records answering the phone, photocopying and filing.

4.    Project Support- Assist project officers with day to day project development, implementation and evaluation of the projects such as delivery, monitoring and evaluation

5.    Outreach- Assist project officers with engagement, project promotions and as a key point of contact for the community such as organising community events/sessions, promotional materials, leafleting and attending meetings on behalf of the centre and its projects.

6.    Youth Worker – Assist in setting up of a Youth Club including registration forms, sessional attendance forms, conducting youth surveys and reporting on the needs of young people.